Wednesday, 16 June 2010


A one-page story that should have been published on the Alias comics section of the Italian newspaper Il Manifesto, but did not make it because of possible copyright issues.
Written by Antonio Solinas and drawn by super-artist Matteo Scalera (Deadpool), it is presented here for the first time ever in English.
The theme for the Manifesto contribution was "Let Us Out", so, rather than turning to political territories, I decided to do something a bit more pop and "out there".
At the time I was delving in my "pikey" obsession, a phenomenon so typically British (I love typically British things), therefore I thought I would make Pikey Mikey, an original creation, the main character. Unfortunately Matteo and I forgot that our alien race might bear more than a little resemblance to other, more famous (and copyrighted) aliens...
Enjoy (and, as usual, click on the pic to enlarge it)!