Friday, 7 September 2012

JOE KUBERT interview

Cover for Il cavaliere Solitario. Art by Joe Kubert, story by Claudio Nizzi
In 2001 I was younger and... probably a bit cheek.
So, in June 2001, just few days after the Italian publication of his 200+ page TEX book for Bonelli Comics (titled Il cavaliere solitario, story by Italian comics writer Claudio Nizzi. Then it was published in 2005 by SAF Comics with the title Tex, The Lonesome Rider), I sent a short list of questions to the Great JOE KUBERT. We previously exchanged some emails and he was always very kind and supportive.

The 27th of June 2001 I received Kubert's concise but well-appreciated answers. I interviewed... JOE KUBERT!

You can read the interview in the following, for the first time in its original language. In 2001 it was published in Italian on Ultrazine.

I have to admit that in this occasion I have fixed my questions: my English at the time was worse than it is now.

So... have a good reading!

R.I.P. Mr. Kubert. Great Artist & Great Human Being. Thanks for all the Magic you gave us.
A spectacular page from Il cavaliere solitario. Art by Joe Kubert.
How did you feel working on Tex?
Joe Kubert:
I enjoyed it very much. And, a LOT of pages!

What is the characteristic, the value, you liked the most in this ranger?
It was the kind of western story I really enjoyed. Nizzi is a terrific writer.

You produced 240 pages, a "monster" book, in about seven years. In this long period what was the most difficult time? And why?
It was difficult working it into my schedule. I had a lot of other work I was doing at the same time, in addition to my school teaching and my Correspondence Courses.

Which actor do you think would be perfect to play Tex?
Clint Eastwood - John Wayne - Randolph Scott.

What about your collaboration with the writer, Claudio Nizzi? Did you work on a full script or was it a Marvel-style one?
It was a pleasure working from Claudio's script. He's a great writer. I worked from a full script.

At the end of the work, what was the first thing that came to your mind?
I was happy to be finally finished. 
Characters' study by Joe Kubert.