Friday, 20 February 2015

Strangehaven: Dreaming of Nimoi

Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli.
In 2006, I wrote a 6-page comics set in the world of Strangehaven, featuring the self-declared alien Adam as the main character. The short story, fully authorized and supervised by Strangehaven’s creator Gary Spencer Millidge, was illustrated by Giuseppe Camuncoli (line art) and Franco Brambilla (3d illustration), two internationally-renowned Italian artists.

Titled Sognando Nimoi (Dreaming of Nimoi), the comics was included as “extra feature” in issue N. 6 of Strangehaven’s Italian edition published by Black Velvet. I was the co-editor and co-translator of the books. 

The story was intended to be also published in English in a special Strangehaven issue, before the project was put on undefined hiatus. Maybe it will be printed in the not too distant future, who knows? In the meanwhile (with permission by the artists) you can take a look below for the first time to the first 2 pages of Dreaming of Nimoi, in English. And… of course, can follow the new Strangehaven’s episodes published bimonthly on Meanwhile…!

Special thanks to Giuseppe, Franco for their amazing art, and to Gary for the opportunity to play with his characters. I am personally very proud of the story and its outcome. Enjoy!
Page 1 from Dreaming of Nimoi.
Page 2 from Dreaming of Nimoi.
Script: smoky man. Line art: Giuseppe Camuncoli. 3d illustration: Franco Brambilla.
Lettering & supervision: Gary Spencer Millidge.