Thursday, 11 October 2012

a letter to Sergio Toppi from India

Homage to Sergio Toppi. Illustration by Abhishek Sing.
Italian comics Legend SERGIO TOPPI would have turned 80 years old today.

TOPPI's Art was - and remains - an inspiration for artists all over the world.

Some months ago I received an email from Indian amazingly talented artist Abhishek Singh.
To my surprise, he wrote that he was a huge fan of Toppi's works and, considering he was coming to Italy and having read a Toppi interview I did, he asked some support for contacting the Man and maybe organizing a meeting with him.
At the time I knew Toppi was in serious conditions so I suggested to simply try sending him a letter.

In the following you can read Singh's letter. Published here with his permission.
We think it's a good way to remember Toppi and celebrate him in this special occasion.

Sergio Toppi,

Dear Sir,

no one can truly understand how one's life inspires the other, how this creative energy flows from one creator to the other through unknown unseen channels.
It is probably one of the most fascinating spiritual abstractions.
That's what happened when I first saw your work.

Till now, each time when I gaze into it, I crave to travel places your ink narrates.
For me they are not just mere shapes but breathing mystical contemplations.

You are a dream weaver.

I've traveled all the way from India to experience the Art in Italy and to get an opportunity to meet you would be an honor.

Let me know if it's a possibility.


Abhishek and I are friend now. I met him in Italy and I know he went to Milan trying to contact Toppi, in his last days. But this part of the story is up to Abhishek to share with us.

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