Sunday, 14 September 2008

Interview: SERGIO TOPPI [3]

Interview and translation (from Italian) by smoky man & Fabrizio Lo Bianco.
Originally printed in Studio Space, a book about comics artists in their studio by Joel Meadows and Gary Marshall published by Image Comics in 2008.
In his review CBR columnist Augie De Blieck Jr. wrote: "Hey, it's not like you're going to read too many interviews with Sergio Toppi anywhere else. That was a pleasant surprise in the book."

Interview: SERGIO TOPPI [1]
Interview: SERGIO TOPPI [2]

Personal comics selection
I used an illustrative approach for my version of 1001 Nights because it’s a character-based story, it’s related to situations, there isn’t a lot of dynamic action. It’s was a personal choice, it came from the story, from its pace. These are still my favourite works.

Blues and Isola Gentile (The Peaceful Island)
These are works that I feel that I am bound to.

I tesori del Cibola (The treasures of Cibola) /La leggenda del Potosì (The Legend of Potosì).
These were two books I did for the celebration of the America discovery back in 1992 and they are some of my personal favourites.

The Collector
The Collector is the only serial character I created. I casually gave him that strange moustache and long legs. I have short ones, so maybe it was a sort of compensation. He is a man with many resources, able to get out from the most complicated situations. He always gets what he wants, has a good sense of humour, sometimes sarcastic, a bit merciless. I like him, he is a bit, just a bit, bad—but I am not exactly like him!

When Panini Comics editor Enrico Fornaroli offered me the chance to illustrate the covers for the 1602 sequel I was really pleased to accept. I am not a big comics reader and I can’t say I’m a great expert of the superhero genre. Nevertheless it was an opportunity for me to confront a comics world different from my own.


Davide Barzi! said...

Ma si può salutare in italiano, su questo blog? ;-)

Milena Berlatzky © said...

qué hermoso haber pasado por aquí
yo amo también el comic
soy argentina
¿has oído hablar de Germán Oesterheld o de El Eternauta?

Antonio said...

Certo che si!

Grazie di essere passato...

smoky man said...

thanks for the visit. I don't speak Spanish even if I can almost understand it. Sure I know El Eternauta, one of the greatest comics ever. I had the great honour of meeting Solano Lopez at Lucca Comics last year. An amazing artist and an extraordinary gentleman.